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 News=> Puzzle toys become the mainstream product of Chenghai toys
Date: [2010-11-1]    HITS: [7654]
    Mention toys, most people think of first is certainly to prepare children for the doll, Mao Maoxiong or small pistol, car, or even like Transformers Animated image. But only a kind of toy, people play it down to a few years old children, up to tens of years old, and many adults are crazy about it, it is now fashionable market toys puzzle .
Educational toys in China not only popular, in overseas also has a large number of lovers. There are many "PUZZLE" outside the club, its members are puzzle toys fancier, these people gathered to exchange, learn from. The more cunning things they want to break apart, as a challenge to the ego. While those seemingly no rules, can not be applied to the previous experience of the toy has become their target. In their opinion, experienced contemplate after become enlightened at once is toy magic.
"Now the family education, parents are very pay attention to the child's perception and ability, and the child with toy is a very important link, especially educational toys." Business users, these years, more and more families began to pay attention to the quality education of all children, educational toys can stimulate the children's potential, promoting their comprehensive development, so education series and the puzzle of series of toys naturally become the focus of many parents and children with attention.
Quality education calls for the popularity of DIY educational toys can be optionally disassembled, assembled, and the gameplay and combination of hundreds of different, compared with the traditional toys, DIY products are the eyes of a child "moving toys", its unique function and connotation to attract the children's curiosity and interest, which can cultivate children's products their practical ability, independent thinking ability, and can stimulate the children's creation potential.
DIY puzzle toys, can the elder children from online games in the past to attract, children in the process of DIY puzzle handmade products manufacturing, both static foot ability cultivation, from teaching to learning, creating a lively and interesting second class for the children, let Ankang useless exercise empty youth class. Life.
In this paper, the first Chenghai toys
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