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 News=> Chenghai toy customers about Ali partners
Date: [2012-8-31]    HITS: [8735]
    My Ali partners
Yu Xin (Chenghai toy factory) cooperation is because Yuxin plastic products factory boss Chen Zhixiong made a turn in the Ali forum at the beginning of 08, he was the original content is already firing clerk to the pit, he assumed his name and image to deceive customers, I gave him some advice and help, just so familiar, then what he would ask me how to deal with, I tried to put some of their own experience to provide reference to him.
Part of the Rubik's cube products
See Yuxin plastic Chen Zhixiong data, I found that he is making toys, see the company is a collection development, production, sales in one of the professional craft toys enterprise, our company is located in the name China toys & Gifts City of Chenghai, located in Kun Mei Industrial Zone, transportation is convenient, the environment elegant. Is a large-scale, advanced equipment of the export-oriented enterprises, has a solid foundation, the high quality worker and professional design and technical personnel. Has a production site of about 6000 square meters. There are many innovative products are introduced every year, products are exported to foreign countries. At that time I have place an order to Zhejiang Cixi factory do a batch of 5*5mm advertising Rubik's cube, Yu Xin company has done the Rubik's cube, but the size than I purchased, the smallest in 5.5*5.5mm.
Is the number of the Rubik's cube, so we have opportunities for cooperation. Place an order by the end of 07 the Rubik's cube, suffered setbacks, at first because the color problem (it is my problem, because I confirmed, because the supplier that do the 6 color is very complex, but the color is not much difference, look than the original customer to look good, I also promised to do so), the supplier has completed before I received the samples, send to company, company replied color color, although this looks good, but can not let customers reluctant to accept our products, asked to do, when the goods are all ready, I also pay 30% down payment, if to do that we have to pay all after the payment to place an order, I was the head big, it will lose a lot of, there is still time, reply: if lost again big, also want to give customers satisfied with the products, except that we don't have any reason to negotiate with customer.
Do wrong things I have to think of a way to solve it and take responsibility for the company, clients and customers reflect the requirements give us time, customer gave me a period of time. So, I started communication with suppliers, see can rework or how to solve the finished product, before I could say I am responsible for the loss of my boss gave me a phone, suppliers thought I wanted them to pay for, immediately said that I agree with the color, not able to return to work, you do not leave, the goods are finished, if money over his delivery, if not pull him to go to Yiwu to sell. And scold me, I'll say you sell well at the time, he just hung up the phone.
This is I lost a loss, I am to find a Wenzhou a Pingyang supplier, to avoid the mistakes of the past, I was a thousand told million instructions, intermediate problems also emerged some (such as printing paper surface have spots, supplier reply say their quality is this, then I went to a supplier, it promised to do, "no spots, the original quality is such, in fact is to find reasons for the problems of its own), finally crossed the ocean.
After a few months, customers reflect the wrapper upside down (this I said N times) the most important is the printing of paper has a lot of shedding, the customer to send you a box to us, because the domestic paper glue viscosity is not firm, resulting in products and printing paper from, it is the quality of the products problem is, I heard the news, this time I could not describe my heart sad, this is not just a question of money, but because we do not have to provide excellent products to customers caused a lot of trouble, the problem appeared again, we and client coordination, hope they understand, we do it as soon as possible a number of compensation to him, promised never to appear similar problem. The company immediately asked me to do a number of compensation to the client, printing paper must use 3M or imported stickers, stickers and strict attention to packaging etc.. I can't find those in front of the supplier, I am afraid their work attitude and the problem to be solved, but did not find, because I found the first home for my sample, and placed it on the paper and plastic separating all the.
5*5MM size manufacturers do not, I carefully and seriously looking for, just Yuxin plastic Chen Zhixiong to pass on the trade and greeted me, know I'm looking for Rubik's cube vendors, he says they have I need size products, is the last line, I immediately asked him to send me the sample, two days after received his products manufacturer, is much better than my original, I told my asked him, he said to do as I ask to do it, I'll give him the sample fee, in print has met the original issues, he immediately went to the technical personnel of printing, that has to follow my colors come out, through his efforts, finally pass to choose color, imported paper printing, make the product is qualified, the sticker on the plastic is also very strong, the sample pass, notice to the production, I have been tracking the process, also repeatedly told the paper must be posted flat, after doing a good job placement in accordance with the requirements of the order, the Rubik's cube making manual paste is very important, paste up to very carefully, slowly and in the middle of the process to send me to
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