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 News=> The common point of the high-end nothing more than two big capacity
Date: [2013-11-9]    HITS: [5692]
    China high-end people may be the busiest one group, you can have a look what fresh stuff out, fundamentally said is the high-end, service. And then there is a group of people together, all so-called high-end personage, what high-end people.
Connections circle, this hero will, that of XX group.
Actually, I found it at present, the real high-end, number of extreme sparse, people willing to spend real spending public funds, is still spending figures. So the public expense I think that it is good, if you don't let him
Cost, more starving people. Much of the rich to spend a money to love, and to spend other people's money is happy many, very interesting. Another note, a lot of time and money to spend not rich but investment, for example say information
The ball, although many, brings you more.
The common point of the high-end [/b] [b]
In fact, the reason is very simple, we to the company as an example, billions of dollars of property companies, the hand can not have ten million cash can freely dispose of, all is inside the company to roll. Property one billion, slightly a little better
The. But this also occupation, is extremely good cash flow do mine, hundreds of millions of boss, I am afraid than billions of company boss Run Zexie. So who's the money is not a gust of wind blowing, the real local tyrant is cash flow surplus people, the current
Watch is still the most cool mining, every day is Jiwanshijiwanjishiwan earnings, cash flow is very important. You see the richest class Xu Ming caught in the future, Shide so big company, final accounting, not is almost unable to pay its debts?
This slightly a little far away, back to what I want to say, I want to talk about the high-end people have what characteristics. Of course, I this is not what successful people have eight essence, the chicken pieces, some high but I met
End have a common point on the body. If you have no such features, early abandon, do a good job from the #118alue. I met a Shibaiyi boss several, trust is the summary according to reliable.
Several points in common with center is:
The 1 logic excellent
2 determination is strong
3 high EQ
4 people can find and control
5 bearing ability
Logic an excellent means, high-end on all the work of the views are very system, the very system is to look at the issue of dimension with rich, according to time, he can analyze the sequence of events, width, can trade ratio
As can be seen, the height of the bottleneck and the best results, the key point of the details can find the job and know that a lack of. If you see a thing, can not do this several dimensions of fundamental considerations, is dead.
But the decision is a strong meaning, he not only think much, and decision. This is terrible, the so-called weak-kneed revolt, three years not to, that is due to too much, but not know how to do it. Think much, know how to
Idle line. Of course, many high-end people not think very much, dry is very fierce, suddenly up, too, is very important so dry.
High EQ is union, simple recognition.
To discover and manage people with team ability, many people are very capable, not team, also do not.
Bearing ability for example owed several million, tomorrow hair not pay what situation remains stable.
A high-end these perhaps some good, some do owe good, but must have a certain link, but the disadvantage, that is the bottleneck location of his company. Than to not many companies, the future development according to random,
Lack of planning. Determination is not strong will bring execution usually. EQ is not high with good team will surely be exhausted do not. The bearing ability is not strong, it will break down the road. We refer to the above for.
The high-end people always is very serious, I do not like high-end are busy with a dog, you can't expect them all together we what high-end networking meetings, to what K song like, to participate in the activities of people, most of them
Hold to find high-end people eat intention to, results to commonly found, is to find people eating, gradually became a flicker ring. I am currently not found very empty high-end personage can all right to engage in the gathering of what.
Generally speaking, the high-end category interest exchange are compared with peer sophisticated, so if the level difference of many, it is difficult to exchange this level, usually use level. So, not afraid of being used, not with fear.
Facing the high-end people, you also need not too greatly, anyway he can not see you, you to his humility, he can't see you, as you are willing to ignore him, but will give him leave a deeper image. You want to, he will not give money,
You, you take what is the use?
So, two important ability of the person that is, peer to peer communication ability and get others to trust.
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