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 News=> Combination of toys and animation -- diffuse Expo
Date: [2013-11-10]    HITS: [6506]
    The Third World Chinese film and television animation will enjoy copyright protection and trade ( hereinafter referred to as " diffuse Fair " ) will be opened in Dongguan, September 28 . Relying increasingly strong industrial production animation production , world production of Dongguan "made " the glorious city will once again open .
After the opening ceremony , this diffuse Fair will be open to the public September 29 to October 5 . Also this Chinese classic animation will enjoy the broadcast from the National Film and Television Office , the State Copyright Bureau , the Guangdong Provincial People's Government , the People's Government of Dongguan City , Guangdong Province, Civilization Office , the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Broadcast , Film and Television , south of broadcast television media group , Guangdong Provincial Copyright Bureau contractor .
Man Fair this year will further outstanding professionalism and influence , and strive to build a world and domestic animation copyright trading route , promoting the world's leading original animation production company with derivatives useful docking. The organizers will build the best way to China docking animation industry, animation and explore the industrial operations in the form of toys linked, dedicated to the exhibition of accomplishing a world vision, professional level , high degree of mall event .

Animation industry enjoyed the reputation
As the country's largest production base of animation derivatives , the current total of more than 5000 Dongguan animation derivatives production company , during which more than 95 % of the animation derivatives production companies in Europe, America , Japan and other animation derivatives brand processing .
Relying on experienced huge anime derivative of the industry , Dongguan Exhibition quickly create a professional way to have a high degree of famous cartoon career , earned a reputation . The first Expo was held diffuse time , an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters, reaching anime copyright Transaction intention 120 , the total amount of 8.2 billion yuan . Second Man Expo , animation companies and organizations from China and Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore , the United States , Russia and other places of exhibitors, 125 contracted projects , contract amount 8.9 billion yuan , 3.8 billion yuan turnover , the total amount of 12.7 billion yuan .
In the second session of the diffuse Bo, one of the highlights is the new set of Songshan Lake venue, luring the original cartoon , conceptual design , brand licensing , and other types of toys, gifts produce exhibitors , beyond 800 dealers, the acquisition Manufacturers , distributors, specialty stores businessmen came to live butt and acquisitions.
China's animation industry, the diffuse Fair in industrial butt , business communication aspects into a strong propulsion. About Dongguan itself, it is a diffuse Fair produced by the city 's promotion as " the city of Chi-made ," the former history of the key.
Man Expo held company is vigorously promoting independent innovation , industrial transformation and upgrading under the theme of the initiative , Dongguan City, the company promoting the transformation and upgrading another agent 's elixir .
Dongguan Hui Lin Toys Co., Ltd. is a cartoon toys once the derivatives foundry business , in the 2008 financial crisis , Huen Kai Lin , general manager of the OEM 's deeply bad way to go , but not to build its own brand easy task, it requires talent , skills and relevant supporting all original. In last year's Man Bo, Hui Lin Toys Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou an idea of ​​the company to each other " fancy eye" , will produce its own idea of ​​industrial skills and other smooth docking successfully created a self- fertile blue cartoon child toy brands will be launched in the South China mall , officially opened the road to the domestic Wal- blue child 's . Kai Lin Xuan Third Man after learning information breeze Fair , the first time exhibitors, this year, he also has a new hope : the implementation of the brand as Wal-blue child , accepting dealer for more partnership .
Ltd. , Dongguan City, the inventor of civilization conveys a year after the Expo exhibit diffuse , its " Wukong " brand and image derivatives by the company's attention and approval, the ultimate success and five companies have signed an agreement through the furniture authorized professional stationery, toys, daily necessities , such as cooperation, collaboration amounts to about 10 million yuan to complete .
The current company have formed a consistent home that way diffuse through outstanding docking Fair established , allowing them to make a difference in the areas of animation derivatives . Dongguan municipal government is also expected to help the company through the progressive diffuse Fair product innovation in order to cultivate brand with independent intellectual property rights , and constantly improve the animation industry chain , to promote transformation and upgrading of derivatives company .

The real trick civilized
Man Fair opened in Dongguan Kingdom drawn animation planning, Dongguan has become a leading civilization built Scout . Over the years , spending huge sums vigorously Dongguan industrial civilization , during the heart of civilization Huimin , further satisfied civilized people's growing energy needs and to allow people to share the effects of changes carried out .
Last year , Dongguan City, established a " civilized city strategy" clear dedicate 10 billion a year to carry out special funds civilization . In February this year introduced the " Dongguan city construction industry nationwide implementation stereotypes of modern civilization " clearly made ​​the point during the animation industry as a support category , the animation industry is being conducted seminars developed specifically to support the policy of the company during the animation , cartoons produced broadcast out , etc., are detailed support methods.
Songshan Lake High-tech Zone is now poised to become the Dongguan issued to carry out the leading animation industry park , following the previous year 's first listing in Guangdong Province , " Guangdong, Hong Kong Park industrial test the idea of civilization ", the recently has officially introduced the " Dongguan Songshan Lake apply for provisional methods " special funds to carry out industrial civilization , clear the park will be organized every year at least 50 million yuan of funds to sustain large animation industry to carry out the idea of civilization dominated industry, particularly the introduction of the original outstanding large projects , industrial projects pathways , will also increase the anime original, copyright licensing , derivative financial product design and other aspects of the development of sustain efforts.
At present, more and more potential to carry out a fancy animation company in Dongguan , Dongguan settled numerous selection . Dongguan animation industry in the future to carry out unlimited !

The world's "biggest names" Qi participants
This year's star-studded diffuse Fair , a large number of the world's " biggest names " class animation companies will be exhibiting . In addition to the Walt Disney Company , " Disney joy enjoy " outside , Harry Potter, Tom and Jerry, Batman, the dark knight , A Dream , and other familiar cartoon star McDull the entire company on stage with their inventions . Thailand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and other countries also have a number of exhibitors animation company , further highlighting the features of diffuse Fair globalization .
The Third Man Expo can attract world-famous "big names" exhibition, so diffuse Fair features outstanding specialization and globalization , Dongguan Institute of animation model designed Ltd. Chairman Wang Zhenming think there are two reasons, on the one hand , Dongguan strength of the economy , the production of world-renowned strength and production foundation ; hand, Dongguan Municipal Government resolved to carry out the animation industry is very strong , which can attract a lot of other aspects of the animation industry chain merchants to participate diffuse Fair in Dongguan , Dongguan, and then to industrial docking.
This diffuse Fair to "build China's animation industry best butt pathway" for the purpose of the exhibition is a way to promote the township and even the PRD derivatives with original animation , anime authorization , animation design , animation route as " a pair of four "Communication docking, the pursuit of win-win cooperation , to assist the company to complete the derivatives independent innovation , so as to carry out the idea of ​​industrial civilization femoral artery and transformation of traditional industries in Dongguan promotion . Thus , this diffuse Fair attaches great importance to the industrial docking, further highlights the characteristics of industrialization , after holding " Chinese film and television animation industry World Summit Forum", "original company and derivatives company Matchmaking ", " original company in Dongguan line", " 2011 Dongguan World toy gift trading "and other features of professional docking activities to promote animation to enhance the upstream and downstream companies know each other , to complete a useful docking.

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