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 News=> Apple WWDC conference to show the remote control toy car driven by artificial intelligence
Date: [2013-11-10]    HITS: [6014]
    In Apple's WWDC conference presentation from a commodity, obviously is not a simple work, while Anki this not heard how Venture Company do today, and the entire presentation
The process also deliver the goods. Together with this, Anki in today's announcement made from A16Z funded $50000000 funded organization.
Simply put, Anki can be seen as a artificial intelligence Venture Company, the introduction of commodity to artificial intelligence and robot are combined, can be said to be the real version of the toy car game. Anki
The co-founder and CEO Boris Sofman about the work they do, in the official blog briefly he shows, Anki is the principle of artificial intelligence and robot AI into you.
In the days of. While the show at the WWDC conference in Anki Drive today, has let the toy car to race in the fixed on the runway, they know in what direction, also know how to do
Made more conducive to the self advantage, and real people almost. Boris said he and team mate in 5 years ago on the dream of the creation of such a channel.
Game time, the toy car can be self control, self turning speed, overtaking and implement in the rear of the vehicle operation, very similar positive international racing game, but all this is after
IPad or iPhone to control.
A16Z Marc Andreessen in its own blog on the show, they are the primary contributors to Anki. He said that beginning from 2012 February, the operation of Anki in stealth.
Type, and let him keep from talking about it in 16 months the company, is a most difficult work since he created A16Z. From which we can see, Marc Andreessen is very optimistic about the
But Boris points out that in the post, every toy cars are equipped with many sensors and intelligent software, after their collaboration in the second will make thousands of decisions. The mobile device
In this process is not a remote figure, it more plays in driving the actual effect of international.
Apple CEO Tim Cook at the scene show that: "when we see Anki Drive, we see the robot technology and artificial intelligence will gradually become clear. Today, we see the
The experience of AI artificial intelligence and robot skills bring entertainment, also saw this category of infinite can."
Andreessen points out, Anki is exciting because it contains robot, artificial intelligence AI, hardware and software, the end brings a new entertainment experience, Anki Drive
People of any age appropriate. He hoped to help the Anki team to complete their vision, and with this is a very large investment market.
Anki Drive App in the fall in Apple's iOS, currently there is no login other channel scheme. You can see a live demonstration in the WWDC Keynote video, when
The video has now been on Apple's official website.
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