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 News=> All kinds of toy gun into homogeneous photographer toy war
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    Sometimes not only toys toys. Levinthal said, the war is horrified, but he hopes to "create" beautiful, exciting photos, and this, is another practice.
The photo on the characters and scenery, are all toys. Corcoran art museum website said, Levinthal is the core of modern photography American, for 40 years, he used to play
With the construction of the transferor be profuse in praise, model, shape and scene. Toys, interpret out of context, is used to play. But look in David Livensol, the original no life, no
There is something, to reproduce the "objective practice".
These toys are composed of rhythmical "war scene in his hand". If not careful inquiry, you would think, these are the photos on the battlefield was recorded, some revelation
The sense of risk, some sad, some threatening, some people bear the scene.
But they have a common characteristic: the ability to make people think. War is fear, but he hopes to "create" beautiful, exciting photos. The 64 year old "old urchin" leven
Saul One's childish disposition remains., like as a child playing with toys as sensitive. Over the years, he continued to collect toys and models, these things brought photography idea to him.
In 1996, California Berkeley Museum of art exhibited his works, the exhibition named "my struggle". Significantly, this from the Hitler, "Mein Kampf" book
Name. The photo is he in Germany "Tao" to Nazi toys. These toys are reproduced the Holocaust and other atrocities. "I really think, I work with a narrative.
Levinthal marked, past history of World War II, for example, now unable to photograph, but the toy was able to reproduce the history to a certain extent. In 2004, Levinthal surfing on the Internet
At first sight, about the Iraq War Toy soldiers. He excited, immediately bought. He will put the toy soldier, plastic Hummer photography in the war background, 2009
The photography collection "concise explosive devices: the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war".
Through repeatedly reported by the media, as well as the photographer photography pictures of the war, the Americans as the two wars are very familiar with, why would he need to launch these photographs
Goods? He supply new angle of view to explain the two wars, through these pictures, readers can see how society is American dream and look at the wars. Levinthal did not.
Convicted of the two wars, but this task is left to the reader. In both wars, by the simple device of harm us. Levinthal said, the war is horrified, but he hopes
At the "create" beautiful, exciting photos, and this, is another practice.
Go up century 50 time, in California Saint Francesco Levinthal love comic books, comic books, especially the back of toy advertisement. The most let him love, is American
The soldiers during the revolutionary war toys. In those days, buy a box like toy soldiers to spend $two. Though the picture is far from attractive real toys and advertising, but he
Saul told USA "foreign policy" magazine, "this did not stop me to buy".
At the age of 17, he borrowed a camera from his father, in order to participate in the teacher organization photography workshop. He has long coveted in magazines magnificent; ornate; fascinating photos, hope that self can
Take such works. One day, the day before dawn, he got up, drove to the beach, the magnificent situation plan photography sun rising from the sea. Distracted, he miscalculated. He added
California, the sun will not rise from the West coast. He feel lost, don't know how to do. In the end, on the beach, he snapped pictures.
The teachers and students of his photography "Moonlight Beach" deep image. This let him know. However, this "Misreading" gave him the benefit life idea: Photos
To "create" their own practice.
In 1971, the tragic scene watching TV in Vietnam, Levinthal shook. Affected by these pictures, the Yale University photography professional students, and students Gary
Trudeau, to create a war images with toys, show the Nazi military invasion of the Soviet Union process, then photography 300 photographs with realistic properties, quite good
Comment on.
In 1977, these photos into a book -- "Hitler East", has aroused strong repercussions, Levinthal set the Thames a great coup.
This book is regarded as photography American anti touchstone traditional generation. American photographer Cindy Sherman had a high opinion of the, believe that these works to promote photography students die out
The documentary features, imitation is more fun, more artificial color. When many people hostile to the war "more fun", today, there are still many people don't think about it
In 2008, "Hitler East" a Book reprint. As the scene rhythmical, many readers mistakenly believe that these pictures are real war record. Levinthal said: "we
The sight of these pictures, think they are the real war picture. The bookstore is the beginning of the book on the shelf before history." "Hitler East" opened the Levinthal unusual
Photography life. Over the past 40 years, his face American various
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