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 News=> A high school student is a toy gun strafe a hundred times
Date: [2013-11-13]    HITS: [8390]
    Netizens posting in a forum said: "one of the Wuwei middle school high school students are social workers with toy guns mounted ball in its body shot 200 times." According to the net friend to reflect the situation, Wuwei city from the local education authorities and on campus to know, had taken place in November 1st by social workers work with a toy gun wounded a middle school student, the current in the province people's Hospital for treatment.
on the way to school students kidnapped
5 pm yesterday afternoon, the provincial people's hospital to see the injured child's mother, although in the past 10 days, but she still hasn't come out from the shadows. The mother to the reporters about what happened at six ten in the morning to read: in November 1st, a son and normally the same went to school. After a while, the campus teachers call said children not to campus. Therefore, the campus teachers and separation of looking for her. Later, according to a
Students think, her son was a group of people to go on his way to school. While she was looking for, and dial 110. Later, when she saw the son, the son who is everywhere the spot scar, there are around 200. According to her son, he was each other after hanging up, the other with a toy gun repeatedly to him shooting.
After all, what and why of a middle school this difficult? The mother told reporters, her children learning achievement is excellent, the stolen and damage from a child who is the son of junior high school students, now in a KTV when the waiter. You haven't a blood feud between the son and these people, only one time these people want while others, told his son to go, the son did not go, measure to this only occurred later work.
suspects have been captured
According to the guardian, the child's injury has been stable, however, will be a scar left behind children, family worried that the scars will affect the future of their children to a good university. "It has spent more than 3 dollars, according to doctor said follow-up treatment costs more than 100000 yuan. The father of the child to raise medical expenses in the home, I a person here to look after the son." The mother cried. Last night 7 when make, from the competent physicians that injured students, the student
Great skin wound surface, very much trauma, as the depth of two to three degrees scattered in the wound, children in the current recovery is better.
Yesterday afternoon, the students on campus called the Chiang family name the mobile phone, the other on the phone that, this student is wounded by the social idle personnel, now it is disposed of. But about the situation in detail, surnamed Jiang refused the headmaster. Last night at eight forty PM, from Wuwei to the middle place public security department was informed that, on the day the suspect was captured, the chief criminal suspects have been criminal detention. The case of minors, the situation is not much to say. The Department of education has assigned to a query.
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