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 News=> Yuxin handheld football toy enterprises in Chenghai won the world cup gift orders
Date: [2013-11-26]    HITS: [15750]
    In this South American tour, the enterprise registration enthusiastically, less than a month, for the booth number more than goals. Among them, Brazil exhibition exceeded sales target 4 months ahead of schedule. In this second pioneering, Yuxin toys to take "exhibition in the exhibition" model of cooperation, in order to "industrial cluster of Chenghai --" the overall image Baotuan exhibition, "borrow a boat to go to sea" won a lot of fruit, for example, the opening day, Shantou Yuxin science toys Industrial Co., Ltd. will reach $1000000 order and the local distributor; Yu Xin handheld football reached $400000 in turnover intention; attracted close attention to South America; Yu Xin toy company that first received the Brazil World Cup Gift orders.
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